Ger cut his teeth into the film business with his first supporting role as the Rude Gent in The Game of Death (The Suicide Club) directed by Rachel Samuels.

Since then he has worked on many Films and TV programs including Omagh (2004) alongside Gerard McSorley, Michèle Forbes and Brenda Fricker.



The Tudors 
Ger featured in The Seymore Banquet scene in The Tudors with Johnathon Rhyes Myres

Mobs Mheiricea (American Mobs)
Abú Media’s historical documentary series Mobs Mheiricea was executive produced by Pierce Boyce and directed by Dathai Keane for TG4. Ger played ganster John Cooney (Supporting). Mobs Mheiricea won the Factual Series award at the Celtic Media Festival 2010.

The Marú TV Series for TG4 was filmed by Sterling in Belfast in 2008. Ger was co-lead on the Covey-case episode.


Fear an Phoist
Fear an Phoist (The Postman) was a comedy series commissioned by TG4 and filmed in and around Connemara. It was directed by the late Denis Kirkland (RIP), who directed the Benny Hill series of the ‘eighties.


Film & TV

Title, Production Type, Role, Company, Director

Filleadh an Athair (Return of the Father), Film, Gerard, Five Knight Films, Tom Woszczynski (click TRAILER)

The Man with a Tail, Film, Steve, Talisman , Tomasz Woszczynski
The House, TV Series, Brannnigan, Timesnap, Declan Cassidy
Mobs Mheiricea, TV Series, John Cooney(Supporting), Abu Media, Dathai Keane
Maru 5, TV Series, Trevor Corey (Co-Lead), Sterling Productions, Steve Lennhof
An Creatúr (The Helpless Spider), Irish Short, Neurologist, Vico Films, Peter Foott
The Four Horsemen, Irish Short, Captain of Guards(Supporting), Breaking Ground, Rob Kelly
Proof 2, RTE Series, Irish Drunk,, P2 TV Productions Ltd, Thaddeus O’Sullivan
Omagh (Indi Feature Film),Michael McKivett (Supporting), Kirwan Productions
Fair City, RTE Series , Glen, RTE,
Ros na Rún, TG4 Series, Padraig, TG4, Trevor O’Clohertaigh
The Game of Death, Indi Feature Film, Rude Gent, Corman Pictures, Rachel Samuels

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