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Ger Considine

Welcome to the website of Ger Considine...
Ger is an Actor Director based in Galway / Dublin.
His work spans 20 years of Theatre, Tv and Film.

Ger has been involved in Theatre for more than 20 years and has appeared in many stage productions, both in Dublin and the West of Ireland.
He has played leading roles in several productions including Capt. Frank Butler in Aristrocrats, Charlie in Charlie and Nora, Capt. Boyle in Juno and the Paycock and John Bosco McLane in The Chastitute.
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TV & Film

Ger cut his teeth into the film business with his first supporting role as the Rude Gent in The Game of Death (The Suicide Club) directed by Rachel Samuels of Corman Pictures. In the intervening years he has worked on various productions. He worked on the film, Omagh alongside Gerard McSorley, Michèle Forbes and Brenda Fricker. He's also worked on projects with Owen Roe, Tom Hickey and Ruth Negga
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Bannerboy Productions

Directed by Ger Considine, the film 'Deirdre's Passsions' tells the story of the Galway author Deirdre Manifold, one-time girlfriend of the notorious Irish poet, Patrick Kavanagh...
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The Chastitute, John B Keane


Lady Windemere's Fan, Oscar Wilde

The Tudors

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